Sunday Table Brand Strategy & Identity

Sunday Table is a place where people can celebrate special moments by gathering around a virtual table.


Oftentimes, food is seen as an afterthought. Most people focus on the “easy” and “quick” aspects of recipes, but Sunday Table gets back to the root of cooking where they inspire younger people to carry the tradition of hosting gorgeous dinner parties, romantic nights at home, and Sunday dinners with family.


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Design Strategy

With family gatherings and cozy recipes as the main themes for Sunday Table, the main logo is a hand-drawn pot surrounded by rosemary leaves with Sunday Table stacked on the bottom. This vintage option perfectly encompasses Sunday Table’s brand by its symbolism. Not only is rosemary a beloved herb in cooking, but it also symbolizes remembrance. Sunday Table embraces making memories with loved ones through delicious, forever recipes.

The number two commonly symbolizes love and relationships, alluding to the idea that cooking connects us to one another. Lastly, the color palette is a perfect blend of warm and muted tones, taking inspiration from food, while the forest green and dusty pink combination exert the classy, yet warm personalities that Sunday Table embodies.

Mission Statement

Sunday Table inspires twenty and thirty-somethings to find a love of cooking and entertaining through cozy, beautiful, and made-from-scratch recipes. We help you feel confident in the kitchen so that you can carry on the tradition of hosting Sunday night suppers, dinner parties, and get-togethers for family and friends.

“Without Christine’s work and guidance, I wouldn’t have had a clear direction on how to design my website and other branding materials. I’m sure that without that attention to detail, my branding and site would look like everyone else’s and wouldn’t appeal to my audience as well as it does now.”


Outcomes & Results

The brand strategy + identity helped Sunday Table’s web designer create a gorgeous new website with a focus on useability and search engine optimization. Additionally, the new blog website launched in July 2022, with 146 likes and 46 comments.

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