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“The final product has helped me take my company to the next step in terms of branding. Our logo has allowed our social media platforms to build off this brand and create a larger audience.”


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you not offer logo design services?

Designing a logo without a solid brand strategy is like decorating the outside of a home without having a strong foundation. It’s also like shooting an arrow in the dark. You may have a solid logo, but if your brand does not have the framework and guidelines to go off of, then most likely that is all you’ll have to show and will have a harder time connecting to your intended audience.

Brand Strategy is a holistic plan and framework crafted to help you reach long-term business goals and ensure results. It is the what, when, how, and to whom you communicate your brand message. Brand strategy is essential because it helps a designer create a brand that accurately reflects your business and reaches the minds of the people you serve.

How long does the process take?

Each design process is different and can have a lot of factors involved such as communication, time, and complexity of the project. Below are approximate time frames on how long each package takes. Again, there are several factors that play into the length of a project, and the length of the project can be determined during the consultation call.

A La Carte Graphic Design: 1-2 weeks

Branding Standard Package: 6-8 weeks

Branding + Web Design Package: 10-12 weeks

Do you give out design advice?

Yes, I can give you or someone else design advice. If you would like to schedule a consultation call solely for design advice, I offer this option for $30/hour.

What is a consultation call and how long do they take?

A consultation call allows me to get to know more about you and your business! Think of it as an icebreaker or introduction. Through this call, I want to get a feel of what your goals are and what your business is about.

There, I will also explain my design process and packages. In addition, I will also go through client tasks and answer any questions/concerns you may have.

The consultation call lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Do you accept payment plans or does the project have to be paid in full?

Yes, I accept payment plans! When we go through the onboarding process, a 25% non-refundable deposit must be made to book a spot in my schedule. Then, a remaining 25% deposit must be paid after the pre-work stage and before we initiate the design process. The other 50% must be paid to receive the final files.

However, if this system does not work for you, I will be happy to set up a payment plan determined in the consultation call.

Am I allowed to cancel the project?

Yes, you may. At any time during the process, if you feel like the process is not for you or you change your mind, you are welcome to cancel the project. Keep in mind, I do charge a percentage in relation to how much work I complete. For example, if 75% of the project is done prior to the cancellation, 75% of the total price must be paid.

Additionally, if at any time I feel the need to cancel the project for any reason, the same system above applies to this situation.

Lastly, if you would like to cancel, you must reimburse me for any materials acquired during the process (i.e. fonts, domains, images, etc.).

Help! My type of project is not listed under your packages, can I still work with you?

Yes, of course! My packages are designed to give clients an estimate of how much a project would cost. If your project does not fall under my packages, I would still love to schedule a consultation call and figure out the best route for you.

Again, my packages are an estimate and final prices are determined upon consultation. After the consultation call, if my services do not seem like the best fit for you, I can happily source out another designer to fit your needs!

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