Blend Catering Brand Strategy & Identity Refresh

Blend pushes the boundaries of the catering industry by creating once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences for our clients. We believe innovation, creativity, and collaboration are the driving forces of our craft.

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Blend is a wedding and event catering company for passionate, entrepreneurial food lovers that gives clients the benefits of a diverse and expansive menu that accurately represents them and cuisine that pushes the boundaries of modern catering trends through integrity-driven customer service and organized logistics, unlike other food catering companies with limited menus, traditional dishes, and one-dimensional options.


Creative Timeless Fresh Innovative Seasonal Trendsetters Minimal




Design Strategy

  • Logo: The culture at Blend embraces unconventionality and harbors creativity. A slight gap to the “E” represents the constant desire to be different. The bent gaps between the“B” and “D” represent innovation. A simple, minimalist option.
  • Moodboard + Imagery: A high-end, minimalistic aesthetic with a focus on creative cuisine can be seen throughout the imagery. White and earthy tones represent authenticity and seasonality. Bright, fresh, innovative, and creative.
  • Colors: An analogous color palette inspired by the heavenly natures that Nevada and Lake Tahoe have to offer. Culinary-inspired notes of blue and green with subtle nods to elements of the northern Sierra beauties. Blue is the color of innovation. Green is the color of creativity.

Mission Statement

We aim to create a seamless culinary experience alongside individuals who are passionate about food. Blend provides innovative courses through a diverse catering menu built on refined cooking techniques, unique flavor profiles, and stellar client experience.

Outcomes & Results

Blend has fully booked out weddings for 2023, with a significant increase in high-ticket client bookings. Blend has also reported less sticker shock about overall pricing during consultation meetings with potential clients.

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