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About Femme Flora Design

Allow me to reintroduce myself! My name is Christine, and I am a freelance graphic designer and brand strategist. I founded Femme Flora Design in 2020 when I was looking to make more of a direct impact with clients while embracing my AAPI heritage.

Growing up, I did not see many people who looked like me pursuing creative careers. That’s why it’s my mission to help AAPI women in creative industries create impactful, authentic brands! That’s right; if you’re a photographer, food/drink blogger, fine artist, or event planner, we may just be the perfect fit. Of course, I am not limited to this demographic only and love to support all kinds of individuals in their brand journey.

Why Brand Strategy Is Important

Brand Strategy is a holistic framework crafted to help you reach long-term business goals and ensure results. It is the what, when, how, and to whom you communicate your brand message. Brand strategy is essential because it helps a designer create a brand that accurately reflects your business and reaches the minds of the people you serve.

A few reasons why brand strategy is integral:

  • It gives you long-term confidence to run a sustainable business with clear goals backed by a solid voice, values, and mission.
  • It allows you to make a deeper connection with your intended audience, increasing the likelihood of a devoted community and sales.

Conversely, a logo is only one facet of a brand. Think of it like the exterior of a car. If your car does not have an interior or engine, then it’s safe to say it’s a faulty car! For this reason, I do not offer standalone logo services.




Gives you insight to your target audience

Connect you to your intended audience, increasing your likelihood of creating a devoted community who are more likely to purchase from you.

Helps set mission-focused goals

Gives you the confidence to run your business sustainably with long-term, mission-focused goals. Think of it like a road map for your business/brand!

Creates a holistic design system

Creates a holistic design system for your brand, which allows you to have a consistent image across all facets of your business. Think of it like a visual, strategic ecosystem!

Elevates your public image

Increases your public image and professionalism in your chosen field. Those with great branding and great strategy are well respected and remembered.




Guarantee instant sales

Guarantee sales right after brand strategy completion. Running a business is still hard work that requires effort and dedication. Instead, brand strategy gives you the tools and roadmap on how to attract sales and build a community.

Teaches you other marketing skills

Teaches you how to do other marketing skills such as social media, SEO, content creation, client management, etc. It can perhaps give you an idea of how to act/look across these mediums, but these external services still require a level of skill set.

If you would like to outsource, please email me for a recommended list of vendors!

Automatically increase following

Automatically give you the followers, email inquiries, PR hits, etc. Again, running a business is hard work! A brand strategy gives you a roadmap on how you can obtain these goals.

Do You Feel Like?

Do you feel lost and unsure of the type of brand you want to create?

Do you feel like you have all the ideas in your head, but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to start your business, but feel like it’s impossible to think of every single detail required to run it successfully?

Having a hard time thinking about your business in the long term, with mission-focused goals?

You feel like people have a poor perception of your current branding, and/or your brand isn’t connecting with the people you want to serve.

Learning how to use design programs or coding is taking too much time and effort

We’re A Good Fit If…

You are open-minded to suggestions, a team collaborator, and open to having vulnerable conversations about your business.

You’re ready to hand your business to the hands of a professional, with an understanding that a brand strategist will take great care of it.

You are a great balance between knowing what you want and being flexible. The best collaboration comes with confidence and solid ideas from both ends.

You are timely in your communication and organized with your business to the best of your ability.

You are welcoming, friendly, not 100% serious 24/7, and ready to grow while having fun in this experience!

Package 1: Brand Strategy

I work with you 1:1 to help uncover the reasons why your business exists and create a holistic framework that brings these details front and center. My extensive, yet organized brand strategy calls and questionnaires are designed to discover your uniqueness within your field and how we can maximize those strengths.

From there, we create a brand strategy that speaks to your vision and how we can get your brand in front of people with like-minded interests. Then, we create a roadmap for the next steps on what you can do to consistently improve your business for years to come.


Package Details

  • Two (2) 60-minute brand strategy calls to hone in on your brand
    • Developing your indestructible brand strategy
    • Launch, integration, and next steps
  • One (1) brand strategy guide
    • Chosen vision, values, and mission statements
    • Market research and 2-3 example target audiences
    • Brand messaging, voice, and positioning
    • Business problems and creative solutions
    • Future recommendations and client journey map
  • Lifetime access to client library resources

Brand Strategy Case Study

Blend Catering is a Reno-Tahoe-based wedding and event catering company that I helped with their rebranding. In the beginning, Blend felt like there was a disconnect between their old brand and who they were as people. They felt like they had outgrown their current brand and wanted to revamp it to match their current and future goals, some of which were to book higher-ticket clients.

I helped develop a brand strategy that uncovered, at the core, they are a husband and wife duo with a love for cooking and pushing the boundaries of the catering industry. We brought this front and center and brainstormed how we can get this story in front of clients with a higher budget.

Click here for a full explanation of their brand strategy.

Package 2: Brand Strategy & Identity

In addition to all of the brand strategy services outlined above, I work with you to create visuals that match your brand strategy. Think of this as the exterior of the house (client-facing) that compliments the foundation of the house (brand strategy).

Brand Identity is what most people think of when they think of branding: logos, fonts, and color palettes. Altogether, these elements make up your brand and serve as a visual representation of your vision to reach the minds of your ideal clients.


Package Details

  • Three (3) 60-minute brand strategy calls to hone your brand
    • Developing your indestructible brand strategy
    • Developing your brand identity
    • Launch, integration, and next steps
  • One (1) brand strategy and identity guide
    • Everything included in Package 1
    • Full best practices guide to stay consistent on brand
  • Brand Identity Ecosystem
    • One (1) full logo, Two (2) logo variations, and One (1) icon
    • Two (2) patterns, Three (3) fonts, and One (1) color palette
    • One (1) social media branding on platform of choice
    • Five (5) social media graphics for brand launch day
    • Five (5) social media graphic templates for content creation set up through Canva
    • Two (2) designs of your choice (see collateral menu below)
    • Ten (10) cultivated, branded stock images chosen for additional content creation
  • Lifetime access to client library resources

Brand Strategy Case Study

Sometimes, food is seen as an “afterthought,” with society moving in the direction of fast, quick, and easy home-cooked meals. However, Sunday Table is an online food and drink blog that challenges the very essence of that, encouraging 20 to 30-something-year-olds to get back to the heart of cooking with delicious recipes perfect for any dinner, date, or other intimate occasions.

I helped Sunday Table develop a brand strategy and identity consistent with this messaging, giving her renewed confidence and excitement after 10 years in the food blogging world. We created a unique brand identity that not only shows off Sara’s personal flare, but one that speaks to her target audience, allowing her to stand out from hundreds of other food bloggers.

Click here for a full explanation of their brand strategy and identity.

Package 3: Brand Strategy, Identity, & Website

In addition to all of the brand strategy and identity services outlined above, I work with you to create a website that effectively conveys what you do and why to your potential clients. A complimentary recorded 1:1 website training is included, so you know how to navigate the ins and outs of your new website.

For a separate retainer, I can also do monthly maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to worry about updating information!


Package Details

  • Three (3) 60-minute brand strategy calls to hone your brand
    • Everything in Package 2
    • Recorded 1:1 website training
  • One (1) brand strategy and identity guide
    • Everything included in Package 2
  • Brand Identity Ecosystem
    • Everything in Package 2
  • One (1) Squarespace, Shopify, or ShowIt website
  • Lifetime access to client library resources

Brand Strategy & Website Case Study

Black Poodle Studio is a Reno-based dog photographer who specializes in class, black and white portraits. With her website, we wanted to design a website that helped facilitate inquiries (weed out people outside of her budget) and showcase her beautiful, timeless photography.

I worked with her to create a Squarespace website that included a FAQ and services page to solve the first problem. Additionally, the website design is on brand, yet a minimal design to let the photography shine through and do the talking.

Click here for a full explanation of their brand strategy and website.

A La Carte Graphic Design

When you work with me, I can help you develop high-quality design that translates the ideas in your head into effective visuals. Layout, typography, copy, and call to action are just a few things I can take care of for you in your chosen design. You won’t need to learn any design programs or risk making a design that won’t convert!


Package Details

  • Two (2) separate options for your design collateral of choice (see design menu)
  • One (1) print-ready file
  • Two (2) revision rounds
  • Printing coordination & set-up files available for an additional cost

Design Menu

Please email me for explanations if needed!

Print Design

Gift Wrap
Gift Tag
Client Card
Thank You Card

Digital Design

Social Media Headers
Title Cards
Call to Action
Website Banners
Targeted Ads
Social Media Graphics
Online Letterhead
Email Signature
Newsletter Design
Blog Design

Want to get in the mood?

Listen to our design process playlist on Spotify

This curated playlist is a look into what our design process is like with a collection of our favorite EDM songs. The playlist is divided into four sections: Discovery, Strategy, Design, and Takeoff/Support.

Disclaimer: Design process only relates to song titles and not song lyrics.

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